AD Recycle Bin – New in Server 2008 R2

This week I continued with disaster recovery testing in our lab, the first machine restored from tape being one of our domain controllers. While checking over the health of the restored Windows 2003 active directory, I remembered that we are using a third-party tool in production to aid in the recovery of deleted items – Quest’s Active Directory Recovery Manager. To be honest, we haven’t had a reason to use the software since we installed it, which I suppose is a good thing. But it is a stress reliever to know that it’s there for us.

Restoring this product in our test lab isn’t part of the scope of this project, but it does have me looking forward to planning our active directory migration to Server 2008 R2, which includes a new, native “recycle bin” feature for deleted active directory objects. You can find more details about how this feature works in Ned Pyle’s post on the Ask the Directory Services Team blog, The AD Recycle Bin: Understanding, Implementing, Best Practices, and Troubleshooting.

While the native feature doesn’t have the ease of a GUI and requires your entire forest to be at the 2008 R2 functional level, it’s certainly worth becoming familiar with. Once I’m done with all this disaster testing, you can be sure this feature will on the top of my list to test out when I’m planning that upgrade.


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