Workaround for ImageRight and Remote Desktop Display Bug

Many months ago, I wrote about using ImageRight via Server 2008 RemoteApp.  There’s been a problem with accessing some of the drop down menus and as we’ve upgraded ImageRight a few times since then, I’ve been hoping the issue will just go away.

But after moving to 5.4 and having more and more users accessing ImageRight via RemoteApp, the issue really need to be addressed. Turns out there is a quick and easy workaround.  Hold down the CTRL key when you select the drop down menus. Simple and effective.

Now, go forth and be Merry for the Holidays!


3 thoughts on “Workaround for ImageRight and Remote Desktop Display Bug

  1. Excellent workaround: efficient and simple. Now, if only the IR vendor would fix IR behavior oddities when in RemoteApp view. More annoying than the dropdowns is the fact that when the main IR window gains focus (taskbar icon click), the IR image viewer window does not appear. This is 100% reproducable.

    To reproduce:
    1. Open ImageRight
    2. Open any other application (Outlook, for example) and make it cover up IR
    3. Click IR's taskbar button to bring it to the foreground
    4. (image viewer window does not appear) Click where you THINK the image viewer window should be, and as if by magic, it appears


  2. Can you share your opinions of featureset differences between ImageRight 5.x and SharePoint as it relates to Insurance UW team usage.


  3. I can try, but I'm hardly the expert since 1) My ImageRight experience is from an organization that doesn't do normal insurance operations like underwriting and 2) we were using WSS 3.0, which lacks many of the feature available in the full version of SharePoint.

    But based on my experiences, I would still consider ImageRight much easier to implement company wide. Its much easier to train users by taking advantage of the training provided by Vertafore staff and likely much easier to maintain verse trying to do something home-grown using SharePoint.

    That being said, the current versions of SharePoint have a lot of new features, include the ability to create workflows and manage document permissions.

    I don't think the “file/folder/document” structure of ImageRight would be easily mirrored in SharePoint, nor would the ease of being able to use annotations and manage version histories. Plus ImageRight was designed for the insurance industry – Vertafore is very familiar with those needs. SharePoint was designed to be something for everyone – I think you'd need an in-house SharePoint expert to manage a solution that would be close to what was possible out of the box with ImageRight.


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