Certification Discounts

There are a few Microsoft and Prometric exam discount programs going on right now. If you have plans for working on a certification in the upcoming months, these deals might help you along.

  • Microsoft Second Shot – good for exams taken by June 30, 2010. You have to take the first attempt of the exam (and the 2nd attempt if needed) by the deadline.
  • Prometric 15% Off – schedule your exam by the end of February and take it by April 30, 2010.

These offers can’t be combined, but if you’ve got a few exams in the pipeline you might be able to take advantage of both.


One thought on “Certification Discounts

  1. Hi J. Thanks for offering your comments. I'm going to be preparing for exams this year. I skipped this last year. And I thought I might offer a tip. My firm http://www.lw.com has 33 jobs open, right now! Mostly Los Angles and Houston. Even a Tech Supervisor for those with 6 plus years experience. These are not temp positions, you should plan for the long term. == John


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