Installation "Bug" with System Center Essentials 2010

Finally found a little time to install System Center Essentials at work. We are pushing the limit of supported servers for monitoring (50 servers, 500 clients), but I think it’ll meet our needs and allow us to replace a few other applications and manual processes once I figure it all out. The first challenge was getting it installed, as my first go-round failed.

A little searching turned up a pretty common issue. I was going with the default settings for this single server installation, including opting to send collection information to Microsoft. At the bottom of the screen titled “Help improve System Center Essentials” was an “opt-in” check box to “Use Microsoft Update to receive updates to this and other Microsoft products”. It sounded good to me.

Turns out, by checking that box I had doomed my installation to failure. Don’t check it. (Now that I think about it, I’m not sure what that option does that’s different than the included WSUS service which seems to monitor and update the server just fine.) Anyway, there’s some kind of bug in there and by “opting in” you are also opting out of a successful installation.


2 thoughts on “Installation "Bug" with System Center Essentials 2010

  1. Does System Center Essentials let you automatically push updates to client machines such as Adobe Flash player and similar products?

    How does SCE differ from Systems Center Config Manager?


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