Certification – Where to Get Training?

Enjoyed a great PacITPros meeting this week and had several members ask me about certification, specifically how to prepare for exams for relatively low cost. Of course, effective studying means you need to know your best way of absorbing information – some people read, some like hands-on, some like the lecture setup. Personally, I’m a “reader”, but here is a list of resources that should have a little something for everyone.

Microsoft Learning Snacks – Short Silverlight presentations on a variety of products and technologies.

Online Training – browse the training catalog for free or low-cost online courses. Also check out the e-reference library, which requires a subscription, but there is a 10-day free trial.

TechNet Virtual Labs – Want to play with software but don’t have any machines? These 90 minute labs might just be the thing.

Microsoft Springboard – Geared to provide whitepapers, videos, forums and other resources for Windows client operating systems. The forums have over a 90% answer rate! Also, don’t miss out on the free Proof-of-Concept Kit for deploying Windows 7 and Office 2010. Complete with virtual machines, you can practice deploying Windows 7 and using several of the deployment tools.

TechNet Library – technical documentation for IT pros for all the Microsoft products and technologies. It can be dry, but it might just be the explanation you are looking for.

Good luck on your next exam!


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