New SharePoint 2010 Books to Consider

Do you have SharePoint 2011 on your project horizon?  If so, don’t forget to check out the following books when gathering your resources.
First, check out this recent post about a collaboration of knowledge from Microsoft MVPs on the MVP Award Blog – Over 20 SharePoint MVPs Contribute to SharePoint 2010 Book. You can find “Real World SharePoint 2010” at Amazon and other retailers.
If SharePoint Foundations is more your focus, look for CA Callahan’s upcoming book Mastering Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010” due out in mid-February. Callahan is also a Microsoft MVP and I’ve had the honor of getting a sneak peak at some of the content and am looking forward to adding this volume to my SharePoint references once it’s available.  Also,if you are looking for some of Callahan’s up to the moment tips and tricks, check out her blog.
(Curious about what makes a Microsoft MVP? Check out this post by Eric Ligman that sums up how to become, find or nominate an MVP.)


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