All Tied Up with Cables!

This month, one of our data center projects was to clean up the mess of cabling that had gotten out of hand after years of adds, moves and changes to switches and other equipment.  I find it interesting that with so many wireless devices around and so much talk of using virtualization and the cloud, we still spend so much time tangled in cords and cables!  Cable management can often be a challenge and this had become downright embarrassing.  Here is a before picture:

We took on a pretty extensive list of tasks as part of this clean up, including replacing server older networking components with a single new Cisco ASA.  While it’s usually not recommended to make several logical and physical changes at the same time so you can avoid troubleshooting nightmares later, we were taking advantage of a planned power outage and wanted to accomplish as much as we can while we had everything turned off – including rebalancing all our servers on our power circuits, updating our UPS firmware and recabling every server and workstation port in the data center. 
Here is shot of the same racks after the project was nearly complete.  It’s like night and day!

Everything is labled and color coded for ease of use.  And we were lucky that all of our servers, appliances and services were powered on and returned to service without much trouble.  This project also forced me to update several out-of-date diagrams and charts that are used for managing the network. 

While it was a crazy weekend with our own version of a “spaghetti western”, the end result was well worth it!


4 thoughts on “All Tied Up with Cables!

  1. Awesome job! I'm winding up for a rack cleanup project of my own, just waiting for the new colored bulk cables to come in (no more 6 color rack when 3 will do), then it's ciao spaghetti-fest! I can't wait


  2. Dang! What a awesome job. Way to go! Why Friday, April 1, 2011? April fools joke? Was that a before and after pic or after and before.


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