Tomorrow is World Backup Day

What have you backed up lately?

If you are a systems admin, you probably already have a backup solution in place at the office or for your clients.  Take some time tomorrow to check in on those processes to make sure you aren’t missing something important and that they are working the way you expect.

At home, check on or implement a solution for your important files and photos on your home computers.  It can be as simple as purchasing a portable drive or using a cloud based solution.  I’m a SugarSync fan myself.  If you want to check out SugarSync for yourself, use this referral code and get some bonus free space.

With the proper backup solution in place, your home laptop can be almost instantly replaceable with no worries.  I recently reinstalled the OS on my netbook and was able to sync all my data files right back on with SugarSync.  It’s easy and helps me sleep better at night!

Learn more about World Backup Day at


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