AT&T: The Great Teacher

Ah, AT&T.  My favorite service provider.  My day just wouldn’t be complete without them and they’ve taught me so much.  Let’s recap:

1) When you have a problem dialing one number in your DID block, you can not open a ticket using the automated system – because a DID number is not a PRI circuit, nor is it an individual line and those are the only two choices available.  Also, it is remarkably difficult (near impossible) to open a ticket without using the automated system.

2) When you open a ticket for your PRI circuit, simply so you can then talk to technician to tell them it’s not really your circuit you are having trouble with, they will immediately test your circuit.  Thus disconnecting you.

3) When you move from one PRI circuit to another, your DID numbers must be both ported to the switch and programmed to the circuit.  Both parts might not actually be done, even though they are both required for a functioning number.

4) It takes no less that 4 people (and 4 visits) to install a managed, fiber Internet circuit.

5) When they seamlessly cut your IP addresses over to that new circuit, the technician will not know that the DNS system will automatically suspend your reverse DNS zone.  No one will tell you this.

6) Not even the first DNS technician you talk to a day later after you discover some places won’t accept your email because your reverse DNS records are missing.

7) But the 2nd guy you talk to will know this.  But it’s something they discover accidentally as they do their job.  It’s not written down anywhere.

Now if they would only tell me where to send the gear from our old managed Internet connection, I’d be golden.


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