Pieces of Azure

Once upon a time, a very short time ago, I had a data center of my very own. If you’ve read this blog often enough, you know that before I joined Microsoft I was part of a NetOps team that had it’s own little server room.  We had some applications and servers that were still stand-alone on physical hardware, lots more servers virtualized on VMware.  Cables and VLANs and a phone system… all the usual stuff.

Also once up a time, several years before, Microsoft started talking about Azure.  And I looked at it with curiosity and saw that it was all platform-as-a-service geared toward mostly Developers.
And then my brain tuned out.

Click! Back to the things that mattered to my data center.

And then, not so long ago, Microsoft started talking about IaaS in Azure. It started to seem more relevant to me, so I started to look closer. And now I’m working for Microsoft and I’ve been learning a lot more about Azure IaaS. And I realize that if I was still sitting outside my server room door, Azure would probably be one of the things topping my list of projects.  It’s THAT relevant.

But coming from a “classic” data center mindset, there are bits of Azure that take a moment to get your head around.  A little shift of thinking.  Because there are some things I was really comfortable with in my data center that Azure just doesn’t do the same way.

Check back tomorrow when I touch on Cloud Services, the first thing in my list of high level Azure concepts that I’m learning to love.


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