Some Fun Holiday Reading: Fall on the Interwebs

Here are some interesting links you might have missed that came across my Twitter feed the last few months.  I figured you might want some light reading for the holidays.  
  1. @edbott – Why Windows 10 isn’t version 6 anymore and why it will probably work. Nice explainer from @drpizza 
  2. @WIRED – A definitive ranking of the most important characters in the “Hunger Games” franchise 
  3. @99u – What your passwords say about you: 
  4. @stevenbjohnson – Terrific backstory from @StevenLevy on the origins of “information wants to be free” (entirely news to me): 
  5. @ruthm – Windows 10, OneDrive sync and the art of difficult conversations | ZDNet 
  6. @RangerStation – How a Deaf Couple Had Their Baby Officially Registered with a Sign Name via @sharethis 
  7. @BBCNewsMagazine – This intricate pop-up medical textbook is nearly 500 years old 
  8. @beckynagel – The world’s biggest chocolate-maker says we’re running out of chocolate 
  9. @afreshspace – Digital tools for remote workers…some of my faves on here! 
  10. @MichaelBender – Amazing video on creative experience on #SurfacePro3 with #adobe. 
  11. @HeikeRitter – Freaking awesome! Mobile Azure Manager for Windows Phone is NOW available! Manage your #Azure stuff “on the go” 
  12. @windowsserver – Want to understand Active Directory Federation Services at a deeper level? Then this blog post is for you! #MSPFE 
  13. @bbnetman – Number 1 Reason to Upgrade to PowerShell 4.0: Desired State Configuration – Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog 
  14.  @2600 – A fairly decent BBC piece on the hacker world


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