When Things Work.

This morning, I’ve been at the office. I needed to make a key change with our imaging system that affects the user’s logons, so it’s one of those things you can’t do during the business day.

And due to the additional security features we have turned on for the system, sometimes regular changes to the system actually break things. I don’t really like broken things, thus have given myself the entire weekend to fix anything that could have potentially gone wrong.

But it worked. Just like the documentation was supposed to. I appreciate that the tech just sent me their internal documentation, instead of making me rely on them to hand me information only when things start going wrong. Plus I didn’t have to make one of them actively work on the weekend and I end up understanding the system better overall because I was doing the work myself.

I did have a tech available via email – but that was more for moral support. He would have only jumped on if things went badly and we had to roll back the changes. But I hate rolling things back – I really like to just fix the problem and keep moving forward.


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