Microsoft Top Support Issues: A Compilation

I know sometimes when I troubleshoot server issues, I feel like my issue is one of a kind. A special server snowflake. Though probably it isn’t.

Ever wonder what the most common support issues handled by Microsoft are?

Enjoy perusing the Top Support Solutions Blog! This might just save you some time when you are faced with that next head scratcher. Some of the product lines included (so far) are:

  • Exchange
  • Windows Server
  • Windows 8
  • Lync
  • System Center
  • SharePoint
  • SQL Server

Tips on AD replication. Update lists. DNS optimization. Client activation. STOP Errors. ActiveSync FAQ.  Outlook Anywhere.

There is even a Quick Start for upgrading Domain Controllers in domains with servers older than Server 2008.

This is the repository of tidbits that you are looking for. I started this blog as a place I could collect handy information for myself. I can now sleep peacefully at night knowing there’s something even better.

Go forth and troubleshoot!


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