What voice mail?

Only had a few days this past work week to get caught up after a short vacation and telecommunications related items seems to percolate to the top of my list at the end of last week. My office runs Shoretel for our phone system and a user reported a problem with her alerts for voice mail, saying all her message are ending up in the “heard” box, so the message waiting indicator doesn’t light up on her phone.

No one else is reporting this issue, but for good measure I restarted some of the voicemail services this weekend. On Monday I’ll need to check her desktop settings to make sure she doesn’t have something conflicting going on with the way Outlook integration handles her voicemail messages, since it’s possible for someone to configure Outlook to automatically move voicemails out of the inbox using a rule and then have them automatically marked as heard, rendering them essentially invisible.

Also, spent part of my Friday down at the Shoretel office in Sunnyvale giving user feedback on some of their future phones. I can’t talk details, but it was certainly fun to be involved. It reminded me that I really need to start planning to upgrade our Shoretel software later this year. We are several (embarrassing!) versions behind at this point and there are some features in the newer versions that I’m sure our office would like to take advantage of.


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