Managing Linked Pages in ImageRight

ImageRight has a nifty feature where you can “link” pages from a document in one file to another file. When annotations are made on those linked pages in either file, they show in both locations. You can link pages from one file to multiple files and the annotations will remain synced on all of the linked copies.

It’s important to know that “all linked copies are equal”, there is no master version of the a page once a linked copy is created. If File A has a link to File B and File C, annotations on any version will be synced to all other copies. If you delete the page from File A, the linked version in File B and File C will still continue to share annotation updates between them. However what happens when the original document was incorrect and needs to be swapped out? Or how do you figure out which other files are referencing a document?

Turns out, there isn’t an easy answer. In my particular scenario, it was discovered that File A (the original document) was determined to be inaccurate and needed to be replaced with updated pages. If those pages were deleted outright, there would be no way to determine which other files were linked or how to notify users of those files of the error.

My suggestion is to put an annotation on what was the source document stating that it had been superseded by a new version and where the updated version could be located. That annotation would sync to the other linked copies, wherever they may be. Finally, the pages could be replaced in the original file. The link with the original location would be gone, but whenever someone came across the notation on the older version in another file, they could reference the new file and re-link fresh copies if desired.

I’ve requested that ImageRight add the ability to determine which pages or documents are linked, so maybe we’ll see that as an enhancement in a future version.


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