Bringing Paper to the Computer Screen

Two years ago, my office embarked on the road towards reducing the amount of paper we keep on-site and in storage. We have thousands of boxes in storage and easily hundreds just stacked around various places in the office. For a while, it was hard to convince people that it was a good idea to have some kind of backup solution in place for all these hard copies.

We went looking for a solution that was similar to how paper was already organized naturally. We reviewed a few different options, but most were trying to force paper files to be managed in the same way people use Windows Explorer, which isn’t how people organize papers in their file cabinets. ImageRight was designed to line up with the way people use paper – documents in folders or files and then organized in drawers.

While it makes sense when you are touching paper, it’s hard to get your head around the terminology when it directly conflicts with the way Windows uses the same terms. In ImageRight, much like with real paper, a DRAWER stores hanging FILES that hold manila FOLDERS in which the DOCUMENTS are organized, some with multiple PAGES. In Windows Explorer, the FOLDERS hold the FILES (ImageRight is opposite), some of which have multiple PAGES.

So while everyone in my office is working to best utilize ImagRight, there is still a lot of struggle with the terminology.


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