Looking Forward with ImageRight

Enjoyed my first full day at the Vertafore Connections Conference. I’ve gotten a chance to chat with some of the great tech support staff that I’ve worked with over the last year and reconnect with some people who have been on-site at my office for installations and training in the past.

I’m looking forward to a few of the new features in version 5.2 and hope we’ll be able to upgrade to that as soon as possible. The integration with Outlook 2007 is pretty slick, especially for people who aren’t the heaviest users of ImageRight.

There has also been a lot of discussion about virtualization and disaster recovery related to the components of the ImageRight backend. Even though ImageRight isn’t “officially supported” in a virtualization environment, quite a few organizations have had success with some or all components of it. We are running our testing version on VMWare and haven’t had any issues thus far. If we have more success with the disaster recovery testing project over the next few weeks, it might be something to consider as we look at ways to make improvements in our server infrastructure.


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