System Adminstration – The "YouTube" Way

Don’t miss the Windows 7 72-Hour Film Fest on YouTube. All the videos had to include a character called “CIO Wiggins”, the line of dialog “The guys in IT are going to like this” and mention “Windows 7”. My favorite is Installation, a fun mix of Office Space meets “Flight of the Concords” with a little throw back to the 80’s hit, “Say Anything”, touting the joys of system administration and Windows 7.

Speaking of fun tech videos, there have been some great ones over the years. If you are looking to kill a little bit of time, I’ve got some “classics” for you. First off, no one can forget Internet Tech Support, harking way back to 2001 from And then there is the ever popular Medieval Helpdesk. I’m hoping Windows 7 isn’t as difficult of a transition!

Also, don’t forget this great, gamer-themed performance by Tripod – “Gonna Make You Happy“. It’s about 3 years old, but never ceases to entertain me. Txt Msgs is also good one.



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