The Cost of Kindle Content

I love having a Kindle and I don’t mind paying for the content. Most of the time.

I enjoy the convenience of having several different types of reading material on hand without the bulk of carting around multiple books and magazines. The general lack of having something tangible to put on a bookshelf makes some people uncomfortable with the idea, but I’m willing to give up physical paper for the fast access to the variety published content that the Kindle provides.

The potential downside is the cost of the content. Of course it’s cheaper to read other ways. I could be better about going to the library for books (especially fiction) but the reality of it is that I’m one of those people that would often buy a new book and then let it collect dust on the bookshelf once I finished. I admit it. So I don’t mind paying for just the “bits”. The author and distributors of such content deserve their cut regardless of medium and I reap the reward of getting that new hardcover novel at a discount, delivered in seconds.

I also subscribe to the local newspaper. It turns out I read more of the paper now than I did when we had it delivered to our house and I don’t feel guilty about skipping a few days when it happens. No guilt about recycling the untouched pages when I don’t have time and I’m financially supporting the news outlet in a way that works for me. I even read a larger variety of the articles than I would browsing the same news online.

The only problem I’m having with the Kindle at this point is collecting too many book samples. The Kindle has become the holder of all that I haven’t had time to read. When I wander across a good book review, I pull out the Kindle and download the sample section. Sometimes the sample leads to an immediate purchase. Other times, its a placeholder for a future afternoon of reading.

The Kindle isn’t for everyone, but I know it’s working for me. So in a fit of shameless self-promotion, I setup this blog to be published in the Kindle Store. For a whole $.99 a month you can subscribe to Techbunny, as well as many others. However I’m not expecting to see the “pay for blog” model take off any time soon.

I do just about all of my blog reading online and it’s certainly not cost effective to have them all sent to my Kindle, as even the smallest monthly fee available ($.99) would add up quickly. I understand Amazon’s desire to offset the costs of “whispernet” for delivery, but I wish there was a free publishing option for some blogs, especially those with a niche topic or limited readership. I think that serving some blogs for free would give more people a reason to invest in a Kindle in the first place. Because once you are hooked it’s hard to turn back.


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