Making Copies!

There has been a lot in the news lately regarding the security of copier hard drives. I have to admit I haven’t been thinking much about what make the inner workings of copiers and multi-function office machines tick until now. Because of this, we turned to our copy machine vendor to find out the options for the machines we have in the office.

Of course, whenever security is at stake there is a chance to make a little cash with the resolution. Our copier vendor is no exception. I’m not sure if these options have been around for a while or are recent additions, but if you have copiers or the popular network attached copier/printer/scanners, you may want to see if your vendor has similar offerings. These are for Ricoh brand machines and for our leasing plan, these options come with a monthly fee.

DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS) Option – To provide enhanced security for our MFPs and printers, Ricoh offers the DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS) for its MFP and printer products. DOSS verwrites the sector of the hard drive used for data processing after the completion of each job. During the overwrite process, the data is destroyed to prevent recovery. Additionally, DOSS also offers the option of overwriting the entire hard drive up to nine times. This feature may be used at the end of the lease or if the MFP or printer is moved to another department, and may be added before or after the initial sale.

Hard Drive Encryption Option – The Hard Drive Encryption Option meets international standard “AES 256 CBC” and provides security for information that needs to be stored on the MFP or printer and reused again. Examples of information that may need to be stored for reuse include administrator and user passwords and address books. The Hard Drive Encryption Option differs from DOSS in that the information encrypted is not destroyed, but locked up so only authorized users may access the information.

DOSS destroys data so it cannot be reused. The Hard Drive Encryption Option and DOSS may be used in conjunction and will not interfere with MFP or printer operation. In addtion, Ricoh offers a wide range of network security features such as user authentication, network communication encryption and the ability to close unused network ports.

Go forth and copy.


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