Notes from TechEd

Hope all the TechEd attendees have been enjoying themselves – I know I’ve been busy racing from one end of the conference center to the other. Turns out that the conference center is about 1.5 miles long and TechEd is spread throughout a mile of it. And it never fails, the next place I have to be is always the furthest point from where I am the moment before.
So far, I’ve been concentrating on sessions around Exchange 2010, so look for some Exchange and Outlook related posts as soon as I get a little bit more time to get everything I’ve been learning straight in my head.
This morning I’m starting out with a session on some technology that’s pretty critical to most systems administration – WSUS. I know it’s time for me to review and potentially adjust how we monitor and update computers in the office and I’m hoping this WSUS session will help move those tasks higher up on my project list.


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