Are you CCNA bound? Here’s a chance to win some training!

It’s been a while since I’ve had a need to focus specifically on Cisco exams, but if you are seriously in the business of computer networking, you may be looking at Cisco certification in your future.  One of my connections “via the interwebs” (@flackboxtv) is running a contest to win access to some of his Cisco training materials.  I’m not always a big fan of boot camp style studying because nothing beats really understand how the big picture works to pass an exam, but if you need that bump in your studying to get you over that hump, or something to get you started in the New Year,  this could be just the thing.

This is what the winner gets:

  • Payment for your Cisco CCNA exam
  • Access to the CCNA course online
  • Weekly coaching calls
  • Full access to the AlphaPrep test engine CCNA exam bank
  • 400 pages of configuration lab exercises with setup instructions to run on your laptop for free
  • An additional 150 pages of bonus troubleshooting labs
  • Private Facebook study group

If this is something that interests you, the chance to enter ends on 1/13/18 –



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