Missing TechEd? Don’t Miss Springboard!

This week while attending TechEd, I’ll be spending some time at the Microsoft Springboard booth, chatting with other attendees about the TechNet resources available from the site.
Springboard is a one-stop shop for all things related to the Windows desktop client, so if you are just getting started with Windows 7, planning a deployment or figuring out how to manage this new OS in your environment, you’ll find guides and whitepapers, videos, featured bloggers and forums to help you along your way.
We are also handing out copies of the Technical Proof of Concept, which is a ready-to-go, out-of-the box test bed using Virtual 2007 SP1 to give you the chance to see how Windows 7, IE 8, and Office 2010 might work for you. If you aren’t at TechEd or misplaced your swag from your booth visit, you can easily order or download the Jumpstart Kit.
TechEd is a great week of learning and networking, but if you can’t be here, take a moment to checkout TechEd Online. Session recordings will be available, as well as today’s keynote. Or search Twitter for the hashtag #teched to see what everyone is talking about.


One thought on “Missing TechEd? Don’t Miss Springboard!

  1. Hey, i was trying the Jumpstart kit a few weeks ago (converted to VMware VM). It was neat testing it out. Built a new Hyper-V server to try out the PoCJS in a native Microsoft virtualization environment.

    bring back swag.


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