Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

Came across some handy keyboard shortcuts for Windows 7, courtesy of Brainstorm, Inc.  Check out their website for some other free Windows 7 tips.

  • Windows Key – Opens and closes the Start menu, so its a quick way to get to Instant Search
  • Windows Key + Left or Right arrow – Snaps the active windows to the right or left side of the screen
  • Windows Key + Home – Minimizes all but the active window
  • Windows Key + M – Minimizes all open windows
  • Windows Key + Shift + M – Restores all open windows
  • Windows Key + D – Shows the desktop
  • Windows Key + R – Opens the RUN dialog window
  • Windows Key + U – Opens the Ease of Access Center
  • Windows Key + T – Scrolls through items on your Taskbar
  • Windows Key + (+/-) – Zooms in/out; opens Magnifier
  • Windows Key + L – Locks the computer

Some keyboard shortcuts use keys that are embedded on a laptop keyboard (like HOME), I tend to avoid.  It doesn’t seem like much of a shortcut when I have to deal with the “Fn” key.  As for that Windows + L combination?  It’s going to take a long time for me to break the habit of using Ctrl-Alt-Del.


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