TechNet Events Presents: Deploying Windows 7

This week’s “TechNet Events Presents” event in downtown San Francisco was on deploying Windows 7.  I’ve attended sessions, blogged and presented on some of these topics in the past year and it’s still a hot topic.  There is clearly still a need to talk about the benefits and challenges of moving to Windows 7 and the tools available to overcome those challenges.

With the job market and the economy in its current questionable state, many businesses are truly doing as much as they can with less.  Sometimes that means delaying projects – if Windows XP is still doing it’s job, the deployment of Windows 7 might be waiting in the wings.

If you are just beginning to think about rolling out Windows 7 you’ll want to know about some of the tools like ACT and MDT.  Also, don’t forget about App-V, MED-V or XP Mode which may help you keep some legacy applications in play while taking advantage of the new features in Windows 7.

Here are some links to tools and resources you might like to check out:


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