Customizing Distribution Group Management in Exchange 2010

One of the things I allowed certain end-users to do via Outlook was manage some of their own distribution lists. With a small office and a small IT staff, constantly changing distribution list membership was an easy thing to just delegate back to the people who really “owned” those lists. In Exchange 2003, it was an easy process to delegate that ability to end-users by making them the “manager” of the list.

Shortly after the migration to Exchange 2010, I started getting reports that the distribution lists could no longer be changed by the designated list managers. Exchange 2010 RBAC roles include a role called “MyDistributionGroups” that grants the ability for end-users to view and modify distribution groups. However, it also grants the right to create new distribution lists, which was not something I wanted for non-IT staffers.

I found this great blog post, Allowing End-Users to Manage Distribution Group Membership, in Exchange 2010 by Mike Pfeiffer on how to create a custom locked-down role for distribution group management using PowerShell. Written in early 2010, it’s still get lots of great comments and usage – it certainly made my day easier!


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