Keep that Microsoft Profile Updated!

Email management is a tough thing.  I struggle with it daily, often opting to quickly hit “unsubscribe” to all emails that come into my mailbox on any given day, just out of frustration.  If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know I’m one of those “Inbox Zero” types, forever striving to have nothing to address via email.

I do lots of things to avoid getting emails and other things I consider “spammy”… I scan every form I’m filling out for the “opt out” boxes.  I try hard not to have my conference badge scanned at event expos because I don’t want any extra mail.  At previous jobs, I’ve been known to have a fake phone number, complete with a voice mail message, that I used for registrations – simply so I never had to deal with cold calls.  (I don’t like voice mail either, don’t get me started.)

That being said, sometimes you DO want to be informed – particularly about events or about technologies that interest you.  My friend and colleague, Kevin Remde, just put up a great blog post about how Microsoft takes your preferences seriously – so seriously that you may have opted out of something you didn’t mean to.

So check out Kevin’s post for the “how to” and then check your Microsoft profile to ensure you are getting only the information you need and want.


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