Hello TechEd NA!

Today I landed in *rainy* Orlando to attend my 9th Microsoft TechEd.  I know it’s my 9th because this year marks the 20th anniversary of the conference and alumni were given a button to write in how many years they’ve attended.

I couldn’t remember the exact number I’d been to offhand, so since I had to look it up, I’ll list them out here for those of you who’ve been attending along with me.  Perhaps we should have a 9-year veteran meetup!

2012 – Orlando, FL
2011 – Atlanta, GA
2010 – New Orleans, LA
2009 – Los Angeles, CA
2008 – Orlando, FL
2007 – Orlando, FL
2006 – Boston, MA
2005 – Orlando, FL
2004 – San Diego, CA

I have to say that my favorite locations so far have been San Diego, Boston and New Orleans. 

Finally, here a two quick tips for those of you who are first timers. 

1) If you feel like you must leave a sesson, don’t try to race to another one in the same time slot.  Either network down on the event floor or in the community areas, or stick with your first pick and find that one nugget of good info to take away.
2) Do not try to attend a session in every available slot of every day.  You will burn out by Wednesday and I will recognize you in the lunch line by the information that is suddenly dripping out of your ears.


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