Going Home is Hard

One of the major projects for the end of 2012 was moving the office to a new location.  It’s been quite the learning experience, but it’s not often the average Sys Admin gets to help out planning and designing for a whole new data center.  So it’s been pretty cool overall.

As part of the moving process, I deal with all the telecommunications.  I started early with AT&T to lay the ground work, trying to eliminate as many possible problems as I could. But alas, it was mostly in vain.

Today will be the 2nd official work day in the new office where several staffers (including executives) and our fax machines are experiencing an issue where they aren’t receiving any inbound calls from outside our PBX system.

Some history:  We have two 100 blocks of DID (direct inward dial) numbers. The numbers are “native” to a switch/central office we’ll call SANFRAN01.  Our office, before my time here, was located a building that was serviced by SANFRAN01.  Over 10 years go, the office moved a short distance, but to a location serviced by a different switch (SANFRAN21).   AT&T did some fancy footwork and allowed my company to keep their block of numbers.

Fast forward to now.  The office has moved again.  This time back to a building located in SANFRAN01.  “Fabulous” says AT&T, “Your phone numbers are going home!”

Except some have gotten lost on the way.  When our new PRI was turned up on Monday, the DIDs were cut over and some random number of them (from each block) have appeared to have taken a detour. Or a vacation.

So far, AT&T has taken well over 48 hours to solve the problem and it’s still unsolved, with little explanation.   I suspect some of the fancy-fancy footwork done over a decade ago is tripping some things up. The ticket has been “escalated”.  My AT&T rep probably cringes every time he sees me calling.

But I guess he doesn’t have to worry for long – I also got a call today from my “new” AT&T rep telling me she’s my new person starting in 2013.  “You mean like since yesterday?” I ask her.

“Yes”, she says.

I’m not sure she’s so happy she called me today.


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