Favorited Tweets from the Past!!!

I often use the “favorite” feature of Twitter as a quick way to bookmark links I want to read more closely or visit again.  It’s always interesting to see what I thought needed a second look.  Here are a few related to technology or science:

  • 5/9/13, @wired – Computer guts get an eerie makeover. http://bit.ly/17SnmdY
  • 4/17/13, @acardwell – Just saw this GE ad and wow – does GE not get that Agent Smith was the bad guy and that the matrix is a bad thing?  http://youtu.be/loinY8MmVq8
  • 4/17/13, @thurrott – Microsoft Account Gets Enhanced Security http://bit.ly/11w70ok
  • 4/16/13, @wired – Microsoft wants to be more like Amazon. And Amazon wants to be more like Microsoft. http://oak.ctx.ly/r/41n8
  • 4/11/13, ‏@expta – Individual Fix for Exchange Soft Delete Problem Proves Worth of Support Contracts http://bit.ly/Zky7zY  #MSExchange #IamMEC
  • 3/13/13, ‏@ExchServPro – Google Reader. You can (a) protest loudly, or (b) start moving your critical needs away from Google’s services. I’m going with (b) I think.
  • 11/17/12, ‏@mars_seven – Top 10 Active Directory Tasks Solved with PowerShell http://zite.to/S5T67R  via @zite
  • 8/30/12, ‏@rdfrs – “Bionic eye goes live in world first by Australian researchers” – Kate Hagan – http://theage.com.au  http://bit.ly/OB2Jvt
  • 8/12/12, ‏@anca – For @menslow: A child’s skull, before their milk teeth fall out. This is freakier than all the Alien films combined. pic.twitter.com/ru7nCOy6
  • 8/19/11, ‏@afranq – How to Win at Rock, Paper, Scissors – http://kiq.me/F5Z

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