Welcome Campers!

To be more specific, IT Azure Campers! 🙂

If you are visiting Techbunny for the first time because you spent the afternoon with me in LA, let me just say it was a pleasure to talk to you about Windows Azure.  I hope it was an afternoon well spent and you left with some new things to think about.  If you are looking the slide deck and other notes and URLs from the event – check back later this week, I’ll be working to put up a page with IT Camp specifics for you to reference.

I’m looking forward to having great camps in Irvine tomorrow and in San Diego on Thursday. If you aren’t able to make this round of events, please visit www.technetevents.com for upcoming camps near you.

I know with all this talk of the “cloud” doing stuff on-premises might not be as fun. However, if you need evaluation copies of the soon to be released next versions of Windows Server, please visit the links below:


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