Happy Holidays!

It will be a light week here in blog land!  Lots of holiday cheer and keeping busy with family and friends. I hope you are spending part of your week relaxing and spending time with the people you love!

When you do get back to your desk and start reconnecting with the tech community, I hope you take a moment to check out the Microsoft Technical Community website at www.technicalcommunity.com.

If you are a User Group Leader looking for resources, this is the place to go. Register your group and you can get $100 worth of advertising monthly for your meeting or event.  Also, for each event you register you will earn 50 points to save and use toward swag for your group!  You can also request up to $250 in cash for some events – to cover food, etc.

If you are a subject matter expert looking to find places where you can get speaking opportunities, list yourself as a speaker and other leaders can contact you for possible engagements.  This is a one stop shop for connecting people who are interested in technology and getting rewarded for it!

See you in 2014!


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