The Fate of My Dell Venue Pro 8

I’m happy to report that all is well in Dell Venue land, despite a few hoops that needed jumping. I did receive my replacement device quickly and it was easy to reuse the package for returning the broken one.

However, there was NOT a return slip included in the box as I had been told to expect, so that required another communication with the support group to have that issued and I returned it about halfway through the 10-day grace period.

I think UPS is still recovering from their holiday shipping overage, as several days later I got an auto-call from Dell asking where the return was.  When I checked the tracking number, the package was still en-route. Hopefully, it has arrived by now and that will be the last of this saga.

I do have to say that my father LOVES the size and form factor. I might have to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t leave with him after their holiday visit ends.

Speaking of touch devices… do you ever wish you had the accuracy you can get with trackpad right on the screen?  Check out this interesting app for Windows 8.1 – the TouchMousePointer.


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