Modernizing Your Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud – Week 3 Has Arrived!

This week’s focus is on networking. It starts out with Kevin Remde and Keith Mayer continuing the series on “Modernizing Your Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud” and in today’s episode they discuss various options for networking. Tune in as they go in depth on what options are available for hybrid cloud networking as they explore network connectivity and address concerns about speed, reliability and security.

  • [2:46] What components are involved in Hybrid Cloud Networking?
  • [5:30] What are some of the technical capabilities of Hybrid Cloud networking?
  • [9:25]  Which VPN gateways are supported with Microsoft Azure?
  • [11:28]  What are some of the common scenarios that customers are implementing for Hybrid Cloud networking?
  • [15:40]  Besides Site-to-Site IPSec VPNs, are there any other connectivity options for Hybrid Cloud networking?
  • [20:10] DEMO: Can you walk us through the basic steps for setting up a Hybrid Cloud network?
Check back at as the week progresses for some related blog posts:
  • Tuesday: Step by Step: Setting a Static IP address on your Azure VM by Brian Lewis
  • Wednesday: Building Microsoft Azure Virtual Networks by Matt Hester
  • Thursday: Cross-premises connectivity with Site-to-Site VPN by Kevin Remde
  • Friday: Cross-premises connectivity with ExpressRoute by Keith Mayer


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