The Quest for the Perfect Lab

There are a few old sysadmin jokes out there… one that often comes to mind for me these days is the one-liner about how the perfect network is one that no one is on.  But now that I have the luxury of being able to build just about any lab network I want (either in Azure or using Hyper-V) I find myself nearly paralyzed by wanting to build the “perfect” network/lab for my needs.

I start, I stop, I get sidetracked by a different project, I come back to my plan, only to realize I’ve forgotten where I left off (or forgotten where I wrote down that fancy admin password for that VM) and end up tearing it out and starting over again.  The end result is I’m getting no where fast.

I’ve got several MCSE exams in my future that I need to build some things for hands on for.  I have a little internal metric of how I need to improve my PowerShell a bit more.  I have work training items that sort of fit into all this and I keep striving for the perfect lab, the perfect naming system, the perfect password that I won’t forget… well, I guess my “perfectionist” is showing.

It’s a slow week here in the office with the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, so now is the perfect time to sit down with a pen and a paper and really figure out what I’m going to build and what I want to use it for.

Because there is something worse than a network that no one uses.  It’s that network I keep deleting.


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