The Imperfect Lab: Fleshing Out Active Directory

Having a domain with no users isn’t any fun.  So my next task for the Imperfect Lab was to create a few accounts to act as my users for provisioning access and eventually syncing with Azure Active Directory.
You can do a lot with some basic PowerShell to create OUs and User Accounts.  Here are a few basic lines that would create something in my lab domain:
New-ADOrganizationalUnit –Name “DOGS” –Path “DC=imperfectlab, DC=Com”
New-ADUser -Name “Lizbeth Tiburon” -Path “OU=DOGS,dc=imperfectlab,dc=com” -AccountPassword $newPassword -Department “Career Changed” -SamAccountName “LTibu” -Surname “Tiburon” -GivenName “Lizbeth” -DisplayName “Lizbeth Tiburon”
Those lines would create a OU and then a user account in the new OU.  But what if you wanted to create more users at once?  I could simply duplicate the 2nd line, but figured there had to a relatively easy way to get data straight from a CSV file.
I did some looking around online and since no good Internet search goes unpunished, I found this: @mwashamtx.  Honestly, this a great script that I couldn’t have written by myself at this point, but I was able to tweak it enough to do my bidding. 

I changed the paths (to reflect the drive letter and file location I set up using Azure Files), removed a lot of the fields the script used to populate account attributes and edited the CSV file to match.  I uploaded my CSV file to my Azure file share. I left the script writer’s five character SAM account name creation as is and ran it remotely via PS-Session on my domain controller.  The DC tapped the CSV file in my Azure File share and wrote the log to that same location.  The script does some great error handling, which was really helpful for troubleshooting.  Mission accomplished!
And for those of you who are curious about the user created in that line above, Lizbeth is a dog who didn’t complete the training to become a guide dog

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