The TechNet Virtual Conference – Coming Soon!

Pop Quiz:
What happens when you put Mary Jo Foley and Rick Claus in the same room?

Answer: They kick off Day 1 of the TechNet Virtual Conference!

And what is the TechNet Virtual Conference?
It’s 3 days (well, two and half days) of awesome speakers talking about all that on the minds of IT Pros, Sys Admins and Windows Aficionados alike!

Learn about what is the future for IT careers, cyber-security and tech-driven businesses. Catch up on all that is new in Azure, Nano, Containers, Azure Stack, Operations Management Suite, Windows 10, Enterprise Mobility Suite, Microsoft Passport… you get it.

But if being tied to your computer on March 1st thru March 3rd isn’t your style, trust that most of content will be available after the event to stream on demand.

Bonus!: If you really want to talk about Cloud Infrastructure with someone in person (and you live in the SF Bay Area) it’s not too late to sign up for the TechNet on Tour | Cloud Infrastructure event on March 3rd.


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