Certification and Cloud: Consider These!

The changes to technology around cloud infrastructure seem to be changing and moving as quickly as the clouds in the sky.  Software companies are announcing changes and updates at an ever increasing pace.  I know I feel like I can blink and miss something important.  So how do go about proving you are still an expert in your field?

There is still a place for industry certifications.  While they will never be the end-all goal for determining skills, they still provide proof of a baseline level of knowledge and can show employers that a certificate holder has made efforts to focus on a specific topic.

The Cloud Architect role is the upcoming position in demand and a natural progression for systems administrators to move to as they can leverage their knowledge of on-prem infrastructure to design hybrid and cloud-only infrastructures. Would you make a good Architect?

Here are several certifications you might want to look at:

I’ve always been a big fan of certification exams, even just for personal benchmarking. Are any of these exams in your future?


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