Accelerate DevOps with the Cloud – Part 3 on TechNet Radio!

In Part 3 of the  “Accelerate DevOps with the Cloud” series on TechNet Radio,  Blain Barton and Keith Mayer turn the conversation towards enabling self-service on demand Developer environments in the cloud. Learn how you can use Microsoft Azure along with System Center 2012 R2 App Controller and the Azure Pack to increase work efficiency across your organization.

  • [1:16] It seems like Dev and Test environments have been a key workload that organizations are considering for the Cloud. What do you think makes Dev/Test so attractive for the Cloud?
  • [3:44] What’s the best way to consider licensing my Developers for provisioning Dev/Test workloads on Azure?
  • [5:44]  $150/mo sounds like a great starting point, but realistically how much can a Developer really do in Azure for $150 / mo?
  • [8:04]  I’m concerned about my developers spinning up their Azure MSDN subscriptions using individual Microsoft accounts. Can I somehow link these to my organization and Active Directory?
  • [9:39] You mentioned that MSDN includes special prebuilt images for Azure? What do these images provide?
  • [11:50] If I’m using my own custom developer images in my environment, can I upload these to Azure for my developers to leverage?
  • [13:50] Lots of organizations have workloads that span on-premises and, potentially, public cloud … Does Azure provide the ability to integrate with on-premises datacenter management?
  • [16:50] DEMO: Azure Management Portal, System Center 2012 R2 App Controller, Azure Pack
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Accelerate DevOps with the Cloud – Part 2 on TechNet Radio

Tune in with Matt Hester and Keith Mayer continue the special “Accelerate DevOps with the Cloud” series on TechNet Radio and in part 2 of our series they discuss how Microsoft Azure and cloud computing can be leveraged to help accelerate the transition to DevOps in an organization. 

  • [1:37] What is DevOps and why is it important?
  • [9:53] What is “Shadow IT” and how can it be disruptive to businesses and organizations?
  • [12:35]  What does Microsoft Azure offer me?
  • [16:19]  How does Microsoft Azure align with DevOps?
  • [21:50DEMO Microsoft Azure in action!
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Get started with Part 1 of the TechNet Radio Series "Accelerate DevOps with the Cloud"

Jessica DeVitawelcomes Gene Kim, co-author of The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps And Helping Your Business Win” and founder and former CTO of Tripwire to the show as they kick off this special “Accelerate DevOps with the Cloud” series on TechNet Radio. 
Tune in as they dive into the world of DevOps and learn how this high performance concept is revolutionizing the tech industry. In Part 1 they provide a foundation for why this is important for IT Pros as well as dispel some common myths while shedding light on how everyone – from IT Pros, developers, businesses, end-users and customers can greatly benefit by building DevOps into their organization. 

What in this Video:

  • [0:44] What is DevOps?
  • [3:03] Is DevOps a new role or new tool?
  • [8:03]  Does DevOps encourage Developers to perform Operations/IT Pro tasks themselves? Is it NoOps?
  • [13:44]  Is “DevOps” just another name for Agile development?
  • [15:45]  Tell me about this idea of “technical debt”
  • [17:54]  What causes high performance in organizations that practice DevOps?
  • [20:25] How should an IT organization begin thinking about transitioning towards DevOps? How do we start?
  • [24:30] Why is “DevOps” important to IT Pros?
  • [28:13] Where can people go to learn more about DevOps?

TechNet Radio: Building Your Hybrid Cloud – Managing Cloud Foundations with Windows Server 2012 R2

In this TechNet Radio podcast, I join my friend and colleague, Keith Mayer, for the fourth part in his “Building Your Hybrid Cloud” Series. We walk through managing cloud foundations with Windows Server 2012 R2. Tune in as we drill down into what management tools are available as well as introduce the new features found in PowerShell 4.0.

  • [1:33] Series Review
  • [4:53] Review What’s New in Windows Server 2012 R2
  • [5:10] Overview of Management Capabilities in 2012 R2
  • [8:05] DEMO: Server Manager 20-12 R2
  • [16:13] Using PowerShell to manage the Data Abstraction Layer (DAL)
  • [19:08] DEMO: DAL PowerShell cmdlets for managing remote servers via BMC’s
  • [24:04] Desired State Configuration (DSC)
  • [27:50] DEMO: Walk-through DSC Configuration
  • [36:58] Other PowerShell 4.0 Enhancements

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