In My Inbox – An "Enterprise PBX Comparison Guide"

I get a lot of emails for seminars, white papers and other information from a variety of vendors and other marketing venues. Some catch my eye, many don’t. I have a very low tolerance for spam, so I usually remove myself from excessive mailing lists as soon as they start to annoy me.

Recently, a email subject line comparing Shoretel to Cisco caught my eye. Turns out it was a comparison chart covering about a dozen VoIP PBX vendors and not just a Shoretel v. Cisco showdown, but interesting none the less. You’ll be signing up for marketing emails for sure, but if you are shopping for VoIP this might be a nice summary to start with.

Personally I’m a Shoretel girl and I’ll leave it at that. However I will point out that Shoretel did manage to hold it’s own against Cisco in this particular 18-point comparison chart, especially if you are looking for a solution for under 10,000 users. (The Giants’ AT&T Park sure thought so earlier this year!)


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