Can Your Certification Exams Go Further?

Looking for the chance to have that latest Microsoft certification do even more for you?  How about counting towards college credit?

In case you missed this post from the Born to Learn Blog, 21 Microsoft certifications and exams, including several of the new MCITP or MCTS certifications can be added to your transcript with the American Counsel on Education.  This transcript can then be submitted to other traditional institutions for review toward a computer science degree.

I was excited to see that even the older MSCE certification can count, but only if you’ve achieved it in the last 3 years.  In addition to the Microsoft Technical Certifications, there is a selection of Microsoft Office Certifications that can also count towards credit.

The process to register and submit your exams for credit is pretty straight forward, just follow the instructions in the post by the Born to Learn Blog.  Go forth and study!


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