Recap of the ImageRight Connection Tour in Las Vegas

I had a great time catching up with some of the ImageRight staff and some other ImageRight administrators in Las Vegas last week.  While nothing beats the bigger ImageRight conference that happens every odd year, this was a nice chance to chat about a product with others who enjoy some of the same benefits and experience some of the same pains as I do.
Below are some features and changes you can look forward to in v5. While I don’t do the workflow design and administration for our system, I’m happy to bring back some new workflow features to share.
  • Deadlines can be added to manual steps to help prevent tasks from stagnating in task lists if someone is out of the office.
  • “Split and Rendezvous” allows a single task the capability to break into sub-tasks that then don’t move forward until they all come together as completed.
  • “Authorized user checking” can help prevent tasks from being assigned to a user who can’t view a document.
Another great session was the “Tips and Tricks” for what’s new the “New Architecture” (versions 4.x and 5.x).
  • Attributes can be added at the document level, as well as at all other levels.  These attributes can also be used for reporting purposes.
  • The “thumbnail workpad” was replaced by a combination of the ability to launch additional viewers in new windows and to collect and reorder pages from multiple documents using the “send to” feature.
  • Redaction adds the ability to blackout information in a file that applies to all view of the document, even printing or copying without annotations, based on user rights.
  • Electronic signatures can be used to digitally sign versions of documents.
  • The new Outlook interface and the web desktop will bring new ways of easily accessing ImageRight without needing the full desktop program available.
Hopefully we’ll be able to make use of some of these new features in the coming months to help our office make ImageRight an even more useful part of our company’s day to day operations.

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