Loving Office 365? Now Hack It!

If Office 365 is your thing, you might want to check out this ongoing virtual hackathon for Office 365. Running from Nov 23rd until March 1st, you might find yourself in the position to win some of over $30,000 in prizes – if you’ve got an idea for an app that uses Office 365 to make you EVEN MORE productive!

Hack Productivity gives you access to the Office 365 APIs for mail, calendar, contacts, photo/video, and files so you can create tech solutions that allow people to do everything they set out to do, and more.

Your time-saving, achievement-producing app will be up for cash prizes, plus some other shoutout-worthy swag:

  • meeting w/ a Microsoft product exec
  • one-year allowance on a premium Office 365 service
  • expenses-paid trip to a Microsoft conference
  • Surface products

There will be lots of support throughout the hackathon, including online office hours, tutorials, and tech tips. So if you’d like to develop something cool (and productive!) check off the first thing on your to-do list: Register & start building your productivity hack @ msoffice365.devpost.com.




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