The Next Rev: ImageRight 5.4

My office is a week or so post-upgrade to ImageRight 5.4 from version 5.2.  While this version integrates some post-5.2 hotfixes to resolve some annotation and image display issues, it comes with it’s own post-5.4 hotfixes that need to be installed after the primary installation. If you deploy the desktop client with Group Policy, you’ll need to create an MSI file and a third policy to fully deploy the software and hotfixes automatically.

While the desktop client hasn’t changed much from a user standpoint, there were some security additions and tweaks that are important to know about.

  • Alphabetizing Lists and Annotations – In previous versions, many of the lists that users interacted with were sorted by creation date.  This was less than ideal when selecting from a long list of private annotations or selecting from the document type tree drop-down. Those list displays are now alphabetized. 
  • Read/Write permissions added to File Notes – while this is a great addition as a security feature, it’s turned on by default post-upgrade with the result being that users can’t see or add any file notes.  I needed to make a support call to find the odd place that permission change was located. (The Security properties of the “Storage Types” container in the EMC.)
  • Annotations Limited to Specific File Types – There is a feature in version 5 where you can filter or limit on what file types an annotation is available for use.  When migrating from version 4 to 5.2 the system defaulted all the private annotations to be available on all file types (which was the behavior in previous version), but didn’t automatically check the “include all file types” option box.  In version 5.4, the check box status is enforced, which may make private annotations seem to disappear for the end users.
  • New Permissions for “Desktop – Modify Document Date” – also defaulted to not having any permission set in 5.4, users will need this permission added to change a document date.  Also new is some functionality to track the date and time a document is received (“Desktop – Modify Receive Date and Time”), you may or may not want to let users change that.

Also, if you do any automated processes where you are using the FUP tool for updating file information, it’s not working correctly.  Hopefully, that one is resolved quickly.  We don’t use it often, but when we do we tend to have a lot of files that need a change and a manual process would be tedious.

Overall, ImageRight 5.4 brought several new features and welcome changes to the document management product, with a relatively easy upgrade process from 5.2.


3 thoughts on “The Next Rev: ImageRight 5.4

  1. We are currently evaluating ImageRight for our company and I was wondering if you had any Visio drawings or other topology documentation that you could share? I do not have much experience with ImageRight v5.x and do have some with 3.5, but was also wondering if App-V or similar technology could be leveraged with it and/or if that would even provide any benefit?

    Also we are also considering our deployment with remote offices and branches in mind, with and without some use of RDP, and did not know if your experience included those scenarios. I am happy to provide my business email if requested, but did not want it to get scrapped for spam so I omitted it here.

    Love the Blog!


  2. Thomas – I don't have any drawings to share, the general topology is pretty simple – a server to host the server application and the installation share for the program files, another 1 or 2 servers for your database and image storage. Most of those components can be placed where ever makes the most sense for the size of organization and planned load on the applications. Much of it can be virtualized as well.

    I don't recommend App-V for deploying the desktop application, it needs to integrate closely with Office, Acrobat Reader and other applications in order to launch native documents stored within it, as well as with print drivers installed on the workstation.

    It works fine with RDP if your users are accessing a full desktop via Remote Desktop Services. There is an issue with accessing drop-down menus in the application if you are using ActiveX (like with RemoteApp) that has a workaround, but it's not idea for every day use.

    If you'd like to discuss more offline, I can be reached via email – jennelle at this domain.

    Glad you enjoy the blog!


  3. More annoying than the dropdown issue is the fact that when the main IR window gains focus (taskbar icon click), the IR image viewer window does not appear. This is 100% reproducable.

    To reproduce:
    1. Open ImageRight
    2. Open any other application (Outlook, for example) and make it cover up IR
    3. Click IR's taskbar button to bring IR to the foreground (or, as you'll soon find out, just a part of it)
    4. (image viewer window does not appear) Click where you THINK the image viewer window should be, and as if by magic, it appears


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