Wanna Build Your Own Virtualization Lab? Don’t Miss THIS…

I just kicked off the first of several Northern California IT Camps yesterday and the registration for my next three events are packed full.  I wish is wasn’t so I could invite you to attend.

Most people have enjoyed the hands on labs but often want more time to “kick the tires” or want to share the experience with colleagues back in the office.  We can’t really extend the access to the system since it’s gets recycled each event, but my friend and IT Pro Evangelist colleague, Kevin Remde, has taken the time to break down exactly how you can build a lab yourself, on ONE BOX.  (That box does need to have at least 16GB of RAM and at least 200GB of free disk space.)

Then you can take your lab manual from class and run through it again, or test out whatever you need to test that fits your organization.  Kevin has everything you need except the setup to do patching from WSUS. Say hello to my own next side project, because doing this looks like fun!

If you did happen to join me yesterday and want access to slides and other resources from the day, please visit my resources page in the navigation on the right.

Also, if you want to learn more about Hyper-V, check out this introductory JumpStart from Microsoft Virtual Academy.


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