Got an Idea for the Next Big Thing? Get Started Here…

If you didn’t catch this flitting by on the inter-webs recently, the latest, smallest startup idea is, a service that mails you quarters so you have them come laundry time.

Seriously, I should have thought of this.  We build up some much spare change at home I could start sending people rolled quarters for a fee, without having to even visit the bank. Maybe that’s why I didn’t think of it… I didn’t realize others had a quarter procurement problem.

At any rate, YOU might have a good idea, or even a silly one that might be worth a spin to see if it takes off. And to make that dream move closer to reality, you’ll need a few tools to get started.

Enter BizSpark. The BizSpark program gives you a great set of tools (like Visual Studio) for developing your own app or business idea – basically you get a Microsoft MSDN subscription and Azure credits.  For FREE. For 3 years. It’s a good deal.  It’s even better than good.

All you need is a Microsoft account and meet the following requirements:

  • Developing software or apps
  • Less than 5 years old and privately held
  • Making less than one Million dollars (US) annually
That’s it. Want to get started this weekend?  Click here and go!

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