Today on TechNet Radio – MSIT Talks about Running a Private Cloud

In this episode, I talk with Jenny Dooley from the Microsoft IT team as she shares their experience with using Windows Azure Pack for developing, deploying and supporting internal lab environments for product development at Microsoft. Listen in as we chat about how MSIT was able to provide a scalable private cloud for dev and test to enable rapid and agile product development.

  • [0:45] What do you and your team do at Microsoft?
  • [1:11] So why did your team build an internal private cloud?
  • [2:20] How big of a lab are we talking here?
  • [3:13] Wow! Implementing something this large has to have some challenges. Can you tell us about some of the road bumps you encountered?
  • [5:20] Doing charge backs at this level has to be pretty tricky to implement, right?
  • [7:00] How did you start using Windows Azure Pack? Was there anything special you had to do?
  • [8:41] How did this help your team overall?
  • [10:08] How do you see this evolving in the future?

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