Favorite Tweets from 2015 (Science and Tech Edition)

I “favorite” a lot of tweets throughout the year.  Sometimes because they were just awesome tweets, sometimes because it was a great article and sometimes just because I need more time to read it later.  As 2015 comes to a close, I bring you some of the science and technology themed tweets I found in my favorites list. ‏

@WIRED, Jan 30
1974, when a computer ordered a pizza for the first time http://wrd.cm/1uKpA9i

@Idealaw, Feb 16
The digital black hole: will it delete your memories?  http://bit.ly/1AfeTjM

‏@SFGate, Mar 11
Odds increasing that huge quake will hit California http://sfg.ly/18bwijC

‏@MicrosoftSB, Mar 14
Outrageous 1985 tech fantasies from Back to the Future II that are today’s reality: http://msft.it/60182BJk

@ch9, Mar 14
Taste of Premier: The Future of Technology – A Look into Predictions and Trends that will drive the Future of Tech http://dlvr.it/8ytYhS

‏@WinObs, Apr 8
Make Your IT Department Run Like a Lean Startup http://clkon.us/1FiIX32

‏@richcampbell, Apr 17
Integrate your on-premises infrastructure with Azure http://ow.ly/2XvghA

‏@concentrateddon, Apr 21
Jeffrey Snover’s “State of #PowerShell” address from #PSHSummit is now live > http://ow.ly/LVj5A

‏@WIRED, Oct 21
You wouldn’t think it, but typeface piracy is a big problem http://wrd.cm/1LowcVd

‏@martin_casado, Nov 5
Wow, this is actually a pretty awesome view of SDN history.  I may quibble a bit, but generally very good : http://go.bigswitch.com/rs/974-WXR-561/images/The%20Path%20To%20SDN%20Final.pdf

‏@mattvogt, Nov 16
The Shady World of Repair Manuals: Copyrighting for Planned Obsolescence

@WIRED, Nov 24
Physicists are desperate to be wrong about the Higgs Boson http://bit.ly/1HkHGuz

@jsnover, Dec 7
Down on the cloud server farm: Why the future of hardware is all about chickens – and eggs http://zd.net/1NdXw7j  via ZDNet & @sbisson

‏@jasonhand, Dec 14
Excellent read (e-book) from @Atlassian on #DevOps:


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