Favorite Tweets from 2015 (Social Edition)

Last week I brought you some science and tech tweets from 2015, but for this slow week between Christmas and the New Year, I bring you some links that aren’t as tech focused, but still really interesting.  Enjoy!‏

@SFGate, Feb 2
Roald Dahl wrote a pro-vaccination letter after his daughter died of measles in 1962: http://sfg.ly/1DycfGn

@dlbmortgage, Feb 18
20 Moments that Changed History: A Reading List http://buff.ly/1EpeZ9t

‏@ThroughADogsEar, Feb 19
5 Pet First Aid Tricks You Can Do At Home.
Why do those pet emergencies always happen during non-business hours?… http://fb.me/744AAkeRF

@SFGate, Mar 28
Tagged up wreck in @dogpatchsf to become ctr. of doremi art dist. @lhertz @SFAC   #openartsf

@melindagates, Apr 3
Here is what life is like for a woman with no bank account in a developing country: http://m-gat.es/1F9fVxf

@SFGate, Apr 12
The cheapest and most expensive U.S. supermarkets, according to a Consumer Reports survey http://sfg.ly/1PAx5wm

@RobinDotNet, Mar 14
Here’s why I don’t buy bottled water. #wasteOfMoney #noStandards http://www.salon.com/2015/03/14/bottled_water_is_a_scam_pepsico_coca_cola_and_the_beverage_industrys_greatest_con_partner/

@misscrisp, Mar 11
“Red lights are forbidden at Disney, as they imply something bad happened. Nothing bad can happen at Disney World.” http://www.wired.com/2015/03/disney-magicband/

‏@StevenLevy, Mar 31
“This is a HUGE dose. Oh my God, did you give this dose?”  “Oh my God,” she said. “I did.”

@WIRED, Nov 2
Families pose next to everything they’ve ever bought online http://wrd.cm/1WtpfoP

‏@SFGate, Nov 4
Read the tale of the world’s greatest cat painting, commissioned by an S.F. woman in 1891. http://sfg.ly/1l7YfzE


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