EPS Files and Office: Not Quite Better Together

Today I learned that EPS file formats have been unsupported in Office applications as of April 11, 2017.  I don’t often have a need to embed EPS files in my documents, but I do live with a designer and he loves to send EPS files for various family-related side projects.  As a Mac user, it’s not an issue for him, as Office 2011 and Office 2016 for Mac is not affected by this change.

If you’d like to read more about it, you can find out more details here – https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Support-for-EPS-images-has-been-turned-off-in-Office-a069d664-4bcf-415e-a1b5-cbb0c334a840.

Meanwhile, I’ll go ask for some JPEGs.


Tech Everywhere: Finds from the Internet

I spend a lot of time on the Internet, as you probably do as well. And as much as I enjoy the technology that is directly related to my job, it’s also really interesting to see how technology is affecting our lives, our work and how we interact with others.

For your reading pleasure, check out a few things you might have missed on the “web” from the last couple months.  That last one is particularly crazy.

The Summer of 2014: In Tweets

September starts to mark the end of summer for me in my mind, even if the weather might not completely agree. So as students return to school, the leaves begin to turn and all the fall fashions start to make their way into the storefronts, I bring you some highlights from this summer on the Internet, via tweets.


Social / Culture

Science / Tech

  • @WIRED (Aug 12) – How isolation units contain the world’s deadliest diseases http://wrd.cm/1ppPgZk
  • @adfskitteh (Aug 3) – RT @danpi: How do we relate Cloud services to food?  Pizza as a Service of course! pic.twitter.com/HvWfeb9mu6 => Best. Cloud. Analogy. EVER.
  • @noblewb (Aug 1) – NASA tested an impossible space engine and it somehow worked http://theverge.com/e/5723678  via @verge
  • @engadget (Jul 27) – Microsoft explains quantum computing in a way we can all understand http://engt.co/1AdQFqs  
  • @macsound (Jun 18) – Interesting video focusing on technical data from Challenger. I’ve learned heaps. http://vimeo.com/97129318
  • @melodybliss (Jun 17) – Building the Part of Facebook No One Ever Sees http://fb.me/2Grml8b7k

Home Tech Support: What happen to my picture thumbnails?

You know you have to do it.  Your parents, your sister, grandpop… they all ask for help with their computers when you are around.  So here’s a quick one I got during my family vacation last week – The thumbnail view of a folder my father kept pictures in wasn’t showing the photos anymore.

Somehow the setting for “Always show icons, never thumbnails” was selected in the Folder Options settings, under the View tab. 

I’m guessing an application change it, though I wouldn’t be totally surprised to find out he was mucking around in there.

Another reason thumbnails might not show up is if the hard drive is mostly full.  Windows will stop generating thumbnails to save space.  That was the first thing I checked, but wasn’t the issue in this case.

Random Bits – Q1 Tweets and Links of Note

Gosh, time flies when the to-do list is stacked full.  Right now, I’m gearing up head to TechEd in Atlanta in a few weeks (more on that later), but meanwhile, here are some fun and informative tweets and links from the last quarter that you might have missed!

Upgrading from Windows 1 to Windows 7 – http://ow.ly/49wir (Mar 7)
@dondonais – RT @buckleyplanet: A new video on how to become a SharePoint site admin (a warning to all) http://youtu.be/-1B2o2ENyi4 (Dec 29)

Social Media
@BAoki – Good social media reminders for newbies and veterans alike from @chrisbrogan http://www.chrisbrogan.com/socialmediaetiquette/ (Feb 25)
@amndw2 – Via @tcarmody, “Five Emotions Invented by the Internet” http://bit.ly/ijPfpP All hauntingly familiar. (Jan 15)

All About IPv6
@spamvikktim – A politically incorrect guide to IPv6, Part I – http://jl.ly/2011/02/18#v6incor (Feb 19)
@joeklein – List of websites supporting #IPv6 http://bit.ly/gmEWNN of the 990476 tested websites only 2903 have one or more IPv6 addresses. (Feb 9)
@sambowne – ty @frankbaitman Brilliant USC video explains the 4 billion Internet addresses and the limits of #IPv4 http://bit.ly/erQQgL (Feb 3)

Other Tweets
@rhalbheer – Something to be proud of: Ethisphere Institute: Microsoft amongst the world’s most ethical companies http://ow.ly/4kskk (Mar 23)
@briankrebs – If you’ve been scratching your head over RSA’s “statement”, read Steve Gibson’s take. You’ll probably learn a lot. http://bit.ly/haJy4x (Mar 19)
@garthobrien -25 Things I Hate About Google, Revisited 5 Years Later http://ow.ly/1bPTHx (Mar 19)
@Nonapeptide – New TheNubbyAdmin.com blog post: The Failure of a SysAdmin – A Tale of Laziness, Good Fortune and Self Loathing http://bit.ly/i2yWfq (Mar 17)
@MSSolutionAccel – Plan your response to malicious software BEFORE it happens! – Solution Accelerators IPD guide for Malware Response http://bit.ly/eBx4oP (Feb 17)

Happy Surfing!

Random Bits

Here a some random bits of tech info that have caught my eye recently – enjoy!

  • If you’ve so busy you haven’t had a chance to look up and have missed the news, IE 9 was released on Monday.  Check out more or download it at http://www.beautyoftheweb.com/.
  • This is a bit older, but Kindle added page numbers to their e-reader in March and this post covers more about how it works.  I wasn’t that bothered by the lack of them, but it’s cool that it’s an option for those who need them.  I have the orginal Kindle, so I won’t get page numbers with my version, but eventually I’ll be tempted to upgrade!
  •  Going to TechEd in Atlanta this year?  Check out their new MyTechEd portal – start a discussion, check out session topics and more.

Redux of some “Favorite” Tweets

I’m a big fan of Twitter for keeping up with interesting tech news and information.  Since signing up in 2007, I’ve used Twitter to connect to a variety of people interested in a wide array of topics. As 2010 draws to a close, check out some of these tech tweets from the past year that caught my eye on my Twitter feed, either from those I follow directly or some of their retweets. The links might be worth another look!
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